Sad Songs

by Dream Jurnal

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Jake Barry
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Jake Barry Erik is one of the most talented songwriters I know. This record goes to emotional depths few have reached. Favorite track: You're Going to Die.
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released March 23, 2017



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Dream Jurnal Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dream Jurnal rises from the songwriting of Erik Simpson and Rachelle Barr. Their love of traditional folk music, and their fascination with modern harmony bring a unique sound to their songs and music. They are based in Cleveland, TN, right outside of Chattanooga. ... more

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Track Name: Pick My Brain
The stage was set like a trap
Waiting for the actors and actresses to step
And give a damn good show
To the waiting audience of each other's soul
Memorize your lines and lives and everything
That you wish you could leave behind
Watch your step, improvise,
And finally the curtain rises and you find them hand in hand in mind

Can I pick your brain
For those memories you stole
Pull them like a rabbit from a hat
Magic acting with a very wonderful assistant
Reaching in with black fingernails
To pull out all the ribbon

I held your pinky like a key
That unlocked your arms and eyes and everything to me
I wrote letters on your hand
So you would never run out of things to read
Oh how my lips touched your palms
And tasted every hand you held and everyone you loved
Lightning like a serpents tongue
Reminded you that there are things you can't control

Wont you pick my brain?
For those memories I stole
Pull them like a weed from the ground
Rotten tulips with a sturdy set of leather fingers
Reaching in with broken fingernails
To pull out all the bad ones

Smile, squinty eyes, with
Laughing moons and perfect skies
It's just reality
Said one unto the other with an out of tune demeanor
Curtain call, let's hold each other's hands and
Lift them up while the music plays
It's just reality
Said one about the future while the other hugged the flowers

Can I pick your brain
Won't you pick my brain
Pull them like a kernal from my
Broke and twisted skull
With your stainless metal walnut chisel
Track Name: The Only Thing That Matters
The only thing that matters in the summer
Is whether or not you get a tan
The only thing that I could do to help you
Is to drive you to the river or the sand
We'll forget what was there
We'll forget the salty air
We'll forget everything

The sun was shining down upon the mountains
Where we said the words that mean the most
I was not afraid of all the speaking
But I was just as white as a holy ghost
We'll forget who was there
We'll forget how they fixed their hair
We'll forget everything

The moment I pointed out the moon
I knew the sun was sleeping beneath our shoes
When I kissed your lips I thought I was so lucky
But when I kissed your fingertips,
It's poetry

The only thing that matters this winter
Is whether or not you warm my bed
We know the air outside is very cold my dear
You can use my arms to rest your weary head
I'll forget about my dreams
I'll forget about the way things seem
I'll forget everything but you
Track Name: Happy New Year Pt. 1
My fingers turn to hammers
Beat on rusty broken fingernails
I built you a melody
To save your sorry soul from hell
The beats are sharp
They press you patiently
You can't deny your grace
You dance around that grave
While the skeleton inside your body shakes
You dance around the graveyard full of skeletons
My body shakes

And the cold air is a faint affair
Breathing down my back
As I lay here watching your weeping movements
I can't stop your weeping movements dear

Voyeuristic Valentine
The trees and spirits take their time
And hold your eyes and tell you stories
Revolutionary glory
Tears of grief and tears of joy
I swim like buried men in thunder
Lifting broken bones
The music moves you to a waltz
Your body shakes
Oh soon the skeletons will take your hand and ask you
Can they have their way?

And the cold air is a faint affair
Breathing down my back
As I lay here watching your weeping movements
I can't stop your weeping movements dear

You wink at me and blow a kiss
And grab the bony spirit prince
He's smoking deadly cigarettes
And wanders with his lonely hand
Across your perfect human flesh
He tosses me a clever glance
And apathetically he takes you to his lonely apartment to dance

The cold air is a faint affair
Breathing down my back
As I lay here watching your weeping movements
i can't stop your weeping movements dear

My hammers turn to fingers
And they pluck with newly given life
And sculpted with their calluses
The likeness of your haunting dress
A laughing face from ancient window
Hanging from a weeping willow
The skeletons are all hungover
Swollen joints remind them of their age
Oh go to sleep my dear. I'll never weep for you
Just let my body shake
Track Name: A Love Affair
Moon wax, wax
Wax those legs
Cause I've got romance
In my head
I'll watch you fly across the sky
Til your landin' in my bed

We made love in the
Sheets of stars
And you drank red wine
From the sea of Mars
You gave birth now I'm
Holding the Sun in my arms

Your sun rose up
With golden hair
He sang a song
And his breath
Warmed the air
I tried not to stare

You smiled at me
With those crescent teeth
You held my hand
As I fell asleep
You kissed me head
As you left for your own family

Your sun rose up
And he followed you
Oh how I worried
As I watched and I
Waited for you moon
I waited for you
Track Name: Sad Songs In The Dark
Clouds in the evening
Blood red in the cold
Acquiesce to your breathing
And magical fingers
That play on the sky
They go where they're told

You keep on whistling
Sad songs in the dark
Tears rolling down you
Onto the avenue
As you stare into the night
You forget where you parked

Pushing and pulling
The weight of the world
With your hands in the ocean
Your head underground

You're such a mystery
A book full of blood
With thousands of pages
And hundreds of people
Looking for somebody to love

You walk past the buildings
With your eyes on the ground
Loneliness looming
You're searching for someone
You can just put your arms around

Thunder and Lightning
You hold in your mouth
You whisper so quietly
To let it all out
Track Name: Bottle of Beer
Bottle of beer
Could you please make it clear
Could you show me how to not feel my emotion
I could take my own life
Leave a note for my wife
She could find me at the bottom of the ocean

Bottle of wine
Could you tell me that it's fine
Could you pour your blood out on my heavy shoulders
I need to lie down
Need to rest my heavy crown
I'm so uncomfortable I need to roll over

Bottle of gin
Could you teach me how to sin
Could you show me that there is a life worth living
When I do something wrong
I sit and write me a song
And I feel that I have been forgiven

Oh holy water
Can you save my sons and daughters?
Track Name: Suicide
You just cried for help while having a nightmare
Maybe you'll awake
Or maybe it's too late

You're in bed all day without any clothes on
Maybe you're just stuck
Or maybe you're fucked up

Wrote a note and drunk enough to stop feeling
Maybe you're not you
Or maybe you can choose

You just tried to kill yourself with a razor
Maybe you'll just die
Or maybe you'll come alive

Morning light laid down on you through a window
Waking you from sleep
Or maybe it's a dream
Track Name: You're Going to Die
Wind howled through
Like an old broken song
Where your lips and your cheek
Met your teeth and your tongue
You were speaking to me
Late at night like a fox
In an old broken city
With an old broken voice box

You sighed out with angst
A flat feathery weep
Without tears nonetheless
I heard tell of your grief
"How'd I get where I am?"
You asked through your clenched teeth
"Will I ever show up
In the place where I wanted to be?"

It kills you to know that you're going to die
You're going to die all alone

I felt so hot a south
Saturday sun
Squint my eyes in the heat
To sea over the ocean
The waves were ten stories
Told one after one
As we sat at the stern
Smoking cigarettes and drinking rum

Do you remember that night
When we spoke about love
All the odd complications
That makes living so tough
Will this journey do right
By my body and soul
And I looked at my ugly great skin
And I felt way to old

It kills me to know that I'm going to die
I'm going to die all alone

It kills me to know that I'll
Make compromises
Look through the night sky
And ask "Why is life like this?"
I felt that small rain drop
Fall onto my eye
A still smile on my lips
"There's more to this life than this."
Track Name: Before You Fell Asleep
Lay your head down like a leaf
Falling from a tree your dying in the winter
Sunlight creeps across your face
Your voice is small behind the sound of your bed sheets

You sigh before I fell asleep
Looking toward the ceiling
Oh you cry, you weep

Cold black death runs through your bones
Sick as hell, but just as lovely as ever
There's no fighting chance for you
But I'll stand next to you holding your hand like an angel

You cry before I fell asleep
I prayed that you would stay here
Oh I prayed to God that you would never leave

Beauty makes you stronger
Stay a little longer
Beauty makes you stronger
Stay a little longer
Beauty makes you stronger
Stay a little longer
Beauty makes you stronger
Stay a little longer

You die before I fell asleep
You dream a million dreams
Oh you dream a million dreams for me
Track Name: Your Dark Character
We smoked a thousand cigarettes a piece
Poured out to the gods a gallon at our feet
We sang all the songs that ever could be sung
Drove thrice around the world just to catch a setting sun

Blink back water, no, we never had the
Perfect season to clasp our calloused hands and say goodbye

Slow down. Home is warm and waiting like a sail
Mom's breath will fill it with the warmth of song and tale
Your dark character made love to everything
What a wondrous way to live where everyone's a king

We trade verses, no, we never had the
perfect bible to use as bricks to build ourselves a sky

Years ago we were dead
We played cards to pass the time
Haggard hands, haggard head
We weren't alive so we couldn't die

Namesake, you move the world to where you want to be
Reread the book I write for you and you write for me
Throw the pages from your mouth and every other place
Your dark character made love to everything

Pass the bottle, no, there never will be time to
Smoke a final cigarette and say goodbye

Years ago we were dirt
We grew plants to pass the time
We breathed in until it hurt
We were so alive we couldn't die
Track Name: Strips of Gauze
The fog it hung like strips of gauze
Upon the bitter broken trees
Bleeding golden blood
Where I lost you my love
The fleeting, fading light left you
An easy prey for phantom forests
Eating all the lost
The children and the criminals

But beauty left you lonely by
The edge of wood where lantern limbs
Would reach for all the trash
And find out that you didn't wear a mask
And selfish hearts would keep you there
As cannibals would rip and tear your
Clothes from perfect skin
No one could see throughout the dimming din

I got brave and lonesome
For your tailored touch of handsome hands
So sweet your softened stare
Swimming in cerulean
I challenged all the changing life
Of darkness in the naked night
And I found you in the black
With tears and scrapes across your back

As I kissed you on your mossy mouth
The trees began to move the ground
To nothingness below
We were on a shaking pedestal
I held your helpless hand
Just one more time as we held each other's eyes
As we fell asleep
We saw the silky stars before we died

Oh we fall to hell